Meet Reez Bailey

He’s running for City Council in Madison’s 4th District.


Madison’s 4th District encompasses the downtown area and includes iconic locations like State Street, the Overture Center, and the Monona Terrace. I am 19 years old, and I’m running for city council because I want to make a difference in our community. I want to help articulate the vision of racial equality, environmental awareness, and economic security that inspires my generation. If you’d like to know more about me, please check out my website or watch this video where I introduce myself. If you would consider donating to my campaign I would be forever grateful. 

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What does Reez stand for?

Economic Reform

Reez’s plan for an Economic Bill of Rights is a detailed set of steps that the city of Madison should take to secure the economic welfare of its citizens. Reez wants to secure every citizen’s right to a fair income, equal access to housing, an education, healthcare, and protection from unfair business practices. 

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Police Reform

Police reform is one of the most important issues on the ballot this year. My campaign is prepared to fight against expanding police department budgets and lack of accountability for officers. It is the goal of this campaign to work towards a smaller police budget without eliminating officers’ jobs.

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Water Security

Reez hopes to shed some light on recent developments surrounding PFSA contamination in our community. Much is still being learned about PFSA contaminants, but the scientific community is in general consensus that PFSA compounds can have a negative impact on human health. Reez strives to keep the public informed on issues surrounding PFSA contamination and keeping the public water supply clean.

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Small, Local Businesses

Small businesses have been forced to endure the most during this pandemic, and it is the responsibility of the city to help them in their time of need. My campaign seeks to protect small businesses while working to diversify the local economy of Madison. It is of paramount importance that in protecting small businesses we also provide opportunities to minority communities.

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Reez Bailey